Thursday, August 2, 2007

Always Have A Back-Up Plan!

Some dates are unique. Others are full of warm memories. Others are good friends getting together. And the best date in the world is where you can make sure that if one woman does not work out, there is another one waiting on the sidelines.

Beware of a friend trying to fix you up. There is a reason this person is in need.

During my college days, my best friend Sharon and her boyfriend Barry and I hung out together all the time.

Barry was always coming up with a friend to try to get me to go out with. Usually I thanked him but begged off. I finally agreed when he asked if I would just give John a chance. He was just dumped by his girlfriend and needed to go out and have some fun. We had plans for the weekend to catch the ferry from Boston to Nantucket. Paragon Park was a great place to spend a summer day. The park was across the street from the ocean and really was beautiful. What the hell, we would all go together, go on rides then spend the afternoon on the beach.

We planned to meet at seven o'clock Saturday morning at the pier. Sharon had asked a few other friends to join us so I thought nothing of it when there were about twelve people when I arrived.

Barry introduced me to John , we made usual, "nice to meet you" greetings then boarded the ferry. I asked John if he wanted to go on top deck , I love to watch the ocean and feel the breeze. He said sure, do you mind if Carrie joins us?

Um, ok.

I'm thinking "who's Carrie?" but figured she must have joined our group invited by Sharon.

The ferry took about two hours and the day was just perfect. I had my swimsuit on under my tee shirt so I took off the tee and took advantage of the sun. John had been chatting up Carrie for a bit before he came to stand with me. I asked him what his favorite ride was, did he like roller coasters and such. He replied with "any ride that let's me sit next to that bikini top"

Yeah, well that's a great idea and all but I just met him. Not sweeping me off my feet just yet.

I put my tee back on, I felt a little creeped out. He didn't seem to like that and went back to the lower level of the ferry.

I went down after a few minutes to be with the rest of the group. John and Carrie were with Sharon and Barry talking. When Barry noticed me, he bumped John's arm as if to let him know I was there.

Now I'm wondering what the hell is going on. So, I took Barry aside and asked him what the deal was with John. He said "oh he is just shy. His girlfriend just left him. He likes you though, he said he loved your bikini."

Finally the ferry docked and off we went. I asked John if he wanted to stay with the group or walk around on our own. He said we could go off on our own for a while and catch up later. We went on a few rides together, held hands for a while.

When we decided to catch up with the others, we were holding hands. All of a sudden he let go and started walking ahead of me towards the others. Now I'm really thinking this guy has issues.

The rest of the afternoon, we all stayed together and after a few hours we headed across to the beach. John and Carrie were walking ahead of all of us and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him with his arm around her.

I asked Barry " ok, now you have to tell me. What the hell is his problem? You wanted me to give him a chance, I gave him one. Now look at him."

Now, I will let you in on why you should never let friends fix you up.

He said "Cyrena, Carrie is the one who dumped John. I swear I didn't know she was coming with us today. She called John last night to tell him she was sorry. He didn't want to tell her about you and he didn't want to cancel with me in case things didn't
work out with Carrie."

I laughed, really laughed. I figured screw him. I spent the rest of the time having fun with my friends. The ferry home we had a few drinks, danced and had great fun. John came over and tried to talk to me at one point. I still had my bikini top under my tee so I reached in and pulled it off. "Here John, you seemed to really like this and I flung it at him before I walked away. Carrie didn't look to pleased.

The next day he called my house and I hung up on him. Caller ID had not been around then so I had no choice but to answer the phone. After a few weeks of my hanging up on him , he finally stopped calling.

I did run into him about a year later at the mall. He walked over to me and said "How are you. Gee, you know I think about you a lot. We should go out again sometime."

I laughed , really laughed. So loud in fact people walking by turned to look at me. After a few minutes he tucked his pathetic tail and walked away.

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