Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dates Out Of Hell - How & What To Submit

If you read the header above, you got the picture. Just for the sake of clarification let us repeat it.

Remember the guy who took you out and spent more time on the cell phone than talking to you? Or that woman who suddenly started singing an opera out loud in the middle of the restaurant? Got to love Blind Dates too! Are you 15 to 80? Single, Divorced, Widowed? Perhaps you are happily Married now but still remember the dating scene and some of those crazy dates you had? Dates Out Of Hell is the place for you to share these Serious & Humorous Stories - All being DATES OUT OF HELL!
What we want and what we don't want @ "Dates Out Of Hell".
  1. Humorous or Serious Stories about your dates.
  2. Age does not matter - but the story should either have a point, a lesson to be learned or be funny or everything together!
  3. No real names!!!!! Use a pseudonym for anyone mentioned in the post!
  4. No profanity. If you are describing something or reporting a conversation please use the ever present F#$%^&* (or something like that.)
  5. Your submission should be spell checked. It will not be spell checked on this side. If it is really unreadable it will not be posted.
  6. Dates Out Of Hell reserves the right to reject any submission for whatever reasons.
  7. We will not publish any "pornographic" depictions.
  8. Your submission must be in the body of your email. NO WORD ATTACHMENTS! They will be deleted immediately.
  9. Pictures are welcome - and they will be posted with your submission. You may submit either .jpg, .gif or .png and attach it to your email.
  10. Your email should have the subject "Submission to Dates Out Of Hell".
  11. Your submission may be as long or as short as you wish it to be.
  12. You may submit as many stories as you wish, but, please, only ONE story per email.
  13. Your email should be signed with your name. Please tell us what Country & City you are from. Your submission will end with as follows:
    John from San Francisco, CA
    Mary from Toronto Canada
  14. We will not ever publish your email address or your last name or any other "defining" characteristics. If you wish us to sign it just with "Anonymous" let us know this in your email.
  15. Under no conditions will we publish any racist or hate story. That is a big no-no.
All email and submissions should be sent to the following address. (Click on the icon to open your email client.)

3. You May Also Use the Form Below to Submit Your "Date Out Of Hell" & Click Submit When You Are Done:

First Name:

Email Address:

Your Date Out Of Hell Story:

Legal Information & Notice

In plain English, when you submit your Dating Story to "Dates Out Of Hell" you are transferring your ownership and copyright of said material to "Dates Out Of Hell" with no claim for reimbursement and with a royalty-free license. "Dates Out Of Hell" maintains the sole right to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute the Dating Story. "Dates Out Of Hell" further maintains all copyright rights to the Dating Story, and can at its sole discretion, store it upon servers on the Internet, publish it, publicize it, and place it in any and all medium of publishing at its disposal. Furthermore, "Dates Out Of Hell" reserves the right to edit and or arrange the Dating Story, remove it, or not publish it.

You may use an image or text from this site to serve as link from your Web Site to "Dates Out Of Hell". Any other use of any image, graphic representation, text, or post requires written authorization from "Dates Out Of Hell". All links must be fully made back to the web site of "Dates Out Of Hell".

If for whatever reason you do not agree with the above notice, do not send your Dating Story to "Dates Out Of Hell"!


Your Corona Story said...
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Your Corona Story said...

All submissions should be mailed in and not placed in the comments section!

Thank You

CatWoman said...

Wow you're my new favorite blog.
I just did a tribute post of all the bad dates in the world.