Thursday, May 10, 2007

Down, Dirty & Drunk

Hey, ya know, have a bit of compassion! Some times it is hard to remember to clean the car every 3 years or so. And so what if it is a wee bit dirty? I promise you - it will look like a Rolls Royce if you will only agree to keep on drinking!

This guy had one thing on his mind and it was sure not cleaning the inside of his car!

Know what happens when you try to get down, dirty and drunk?

You get a Date Out Of Hell!

I love your site, having been directed here from the Single Dad's Kitchen site (Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen). Here's a bad date story. Trust me, I have many.

I was divorced several years ago, and have remained single. A few years ago, my 16-year old daughter talked me into going on a blind date with the father of one of her friends. I spoke to him on the phone for a little while and agreed to go for a drink - a drink always being safer on a blind date than a dinner, which could prove time consuming and hard to leave. So this guy pulls up in my driveway at the designated time and knocks on the door. After introductions are made, we proceed to his truck. He walks around and opens the passenger door, and I'm thinking "How nice.", but then he leans in the truck and starts picking up trash out of the floorboard. He mumbles some things, and finally, with his arms full of trash, turns to me and says "Do you have a trash bag?" So I go back inside, get a Hefty, and come back out. He's got food containers (some still containing food), newpapers, napkins, kleenex, chip bags, and cans of every kind. This floorboard has evidently not been cleaned in years. He packed up the entire bag, then threw the bag in the back of the truck and very smoothly indicated that now I can get in.

If you go pick someone up for a first date, and your car is a mess, you either a) have the self-assurance to let it stay a mess and figure that's just your personality, or b) you clean the car BEFORE you pick up the date.

After that display of bad judgement, I shouldn't have gone. But I did. He took me to Applebee's where I ordered a drink. He ordered a strawberry daiquiri which he sipped it through a straw. He kept telling me I was beautiful. Now, that's a nice thing for him to say and nice for me to hear, but he really had nothing absolutely nothing to say on any other subject except that! Almost immediately after we got our drinks, he ordered me another drink, but not himself. Then when that one arrived, he ordered me yet another drink. I had not yet finished the first one, and he had ordered the third. His plan was clear. He sipped his daiquri, I drank my drink (the first one only) then said I suddenly felt sick and needed to go home.

Bad date.
Submitted by: Bonnie in Shelby, North Carolina

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