Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live, Drink & Be Merry - But Don't Pass Out In Front Of Your Date!

They say a glass or two of red wine each day is good for the heart and good for your health. They say wine gladdens the heart of man. They say wine is a refined drink which will help paint the world a more rosy color. What they never told this woman in the next story is that if you drink wine - make sure you don't pass out at the wrong time and in the wrong place!

This is a story about a date my younger sister went on many years ago.

She was fixed up by a co-worker. The guy came to pick her up and was above and beyond anything she was hoping for. He took her to a very nice restaurant. While they ate they talked about their lives, their families. She was particularly interested in his little boy, a blonde cutie age three or so. She had visited a fortune teller a few months earlier and the woman had told her that she would have a blonde little child in her life within the next few years. My sister was starting to think this guy was "the one".

Dinner progressed, he ordered a bottle of wine, my sister (who doesn't drink very often) talked and sipped, sipped and talked and had a wonderful time. As all good things do, the dinner came to an end and it was time for them to leave. She stood up, he held her coat for her, she took one step forward and collapsed onto the floor. The wine was too much for her. The fall was too much for him. She never heard from him again.
Submitted by Connie

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