Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Want You Back!

This Date From Hell is one take on the old "I want you back" thing. While wanting someone back may be great, and certainly plays great in romantic movies, it just does not seem to have that same flair when the person you want back happens to be out with another, and too much alcohol is available. Imagine being the 3rd party in this scenario!

Many, many years ago I was a young Sailor and the command I was assigned to was having a gala Christmas Party for all the Enlisted personnel. I was rather new to the duty station, but I worked up the nerve to ask this one nice looking girl who was a civil servant at the same command. She said yes. Picked her up and went to the party which involved a Cocktail Hour and then a seated Formal Dinner. I do not remember the menu, but I do remember that the nice looking girl who was a civil servant had a previous boy friend at the same party. After dinner he approached her for a Dance. Well, this is when things got interesting. He had dropped her a few months earlier, but now had seen the error of his ways. To make a long story short, he danced with her and I do not know what they talked about, but he proceeded to overindulge in the adult beverages and was soon in a not so polite mode. He became angry and upset that his former girl did not want anything to do with him. Someone else finally took him from the party.

Once the party was over I took my nice looking girl date back to her apartment. Never asked for another date and went on with my life. Not a very nice Command Christmas Party to say the least.
Alan From Macon, Georgia

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